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As a result of my experience taking pupils through exams and based on their feedback, I use ABRSM for piano exams. and the Trinity College for singing exams. 

Piano Exams - ABRSM, Exam Board for the Royal Schools of Music

ABRSM states on its website:

Focusing on all-round musicianship, “We believe in the importance of all-round musicianship and this forms the basis of our exams. To become an all-round musician students need a range of interlocking skills – in performance, technique, notation, and listening and musical perception – as well as knowledge, understanding and creativity. These are the things we assess in our exams.

ABRSM exams are music exams rather than instrumental or singing exams: “Examiners are assessing the quality of the music-making, not how it is achieved”.

My goal as an educator of music is precisely as stated above. I took ABRSM piano, ‘cello and singing exams myself whilst at at school. I went from being a full time professional musician in London to a 16 year period of teaching piano and voice in Surrey, by being handed the teaching responsibility of a 30-strong stable of students by an ABRSM teacher and examiner who was called away to an exam tour in Hong Kong.

Please visit their website at www.abrsm.org for further details on all their exams and exam requirements.

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Singing Exams - Trinity College London,  International Exam Board for the Performing Arts

Trinity College London is a leading international exam board and independent education charity that has been providing assessments around the world since 1877. They specialise in the assessment of communicative and performance skills covering music, drama, combined arts and English language. With over 850,000 candidates a year in more than 60 countries worldwide, Trinity qualifications are specifically designed to help students progress.

From the Trinity College website:

"Trinity College London believes that effective communicative and performance skills are life enhancing, know no bounds and should be within reach of us all.

Please visit the website at Trinity College London for further details on all their exams and exam requirements.

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